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My name is Jacob Kyle Robinson and above most things in life I value story and friendship. You are a part of both of those. I live in Waco, Tx and fancy myself a freelance cinematographer and writer. 

My story is best told over a meal so let's eat together soon and share. 


Here are a few facts to tide you over until then:

I love pizza, daytime movies, and Levi's 511s. 

October is the greatest month of the year.

I have one older brother and he's something else. 

The Site

I was working on a script a year or so ago and had tentatively titled it "A Work in Progress". As it turns out, I realized then that my whole life was and would forever be a work in progress . More importantly, I realized that that's okay. 

Life is a work that is constantly changing. Our stories are constantly being written and annotated. The chapters are long and short. The ending seems forever away and yet always at the door. 

I also believe that everything we do is a work in progress: a work that is future-minded. The past is important, yes, but it is important because it has given us a future. I look to that future as the chapter I am writing now and as the chapters I will be writing soon. And it's all very exciting. 

So as you browse this place, think on your own work in progress. And don't be afraid the share that work with those around you. 

Interested in learning about someone new?

This page is dedicated solely to my friends because they deserve it.
Check out their blogs and websites and general greatness below!
(It should be noted that most of these photos come from facebook... without them knowing it...) 

Ben Davis

Ben is a hard working sunnuva gun. He's a talented filmmaker and one of the best brains to pick. He loves sci-fi movies more than you ever will and is not afraid of a great story. I have been blessed to be a friend and coworker with him. 

Erica Wickett

Erica and I were friends throughout college and are now fellow Wacoans. She's an incredibly talented artist and friend.  



My church. My community. It doesn't get any better than this.

the Carney Family

Josh and Lindsay and their three kids Roy, Lillian, and Mabel (with the 4th on the way) make up the most influential family i've known here in Waco. They are loving and kind and my home away from home. To know them is to be loved and to be loved by them is beyond comparison.

Byron and Maggie

Arguably one of my favorite friend couples. They are smart, fun, and incredibly creative. Byron does photography better than most and Maggie kills it on all things calligraphy. (note: Maggie's link is a blog about their life as a couple.  It's awesome.)

Becky Murphy

Becky and I are more recent friends, but she's encouraging, brilliant, and a blessing to the design and writing worlds. (bonus: she also has a new book out! Check it out on her website.)

Chad Conine

Chad is a writer. And a great one at that. He's probably known more for his sports writing, but he has a gift that goes beyond the field. Along with Becky, I find the most encouragement in my own writing through him.


Byron Gustavo Roldán

Not to be confused with Bryan Roland. This guy is a real winner. If you're not his friend yet, get on that. You will not regret it. 


Andy is an all around champion. He co-owns a design company in Waco (Deuxtone) that you would be lucky to work with.

Ben Palich

Ben is awesome. He's a friend and a creative and I can't imagine life without him. You should be his friend too.

And so many many more to come!